We wish to work in partnerships with our business partners throughout the value chain. Our partnership concept is based on close cooperation involving open, candid communication.
Creadore wishes to be a responsible partner who proactively supports human rights, good working and environmental conditions in the workplaces that form part of our partnerships. We believe that high workplace standards will support competitive advantages in the entire value chain.
This Code of Conduct communicates the social, environmental and ethical standards we expect our producers to live up to. The Code of Conduct seeks to express standards that are considered universal in nature and we expect our partners to share our support and commitment to the underlying declarations and conventions such as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the core labour conventions of the International Labour Organization, the United Nations Convention on the Child and the United Nations Declaration on Sustainable Development (the Rio Declaration).
The overall purpose of this Code of Conduct is to ensure that the partnerships between Creadore and its producers are based on internationally accepted and recognized social, environmental and ethical standards. Any of our producers must aspire to achieve and eventually comply with these requirements that should be considered minimum.

We recognize that some of our business partners may consider compliance with this Code of Conduct and its overall objective a challenge. While we do not expect all producers to meet the requirements at the time of entering a business relationship with us, we do expect all our producers to express and demonstrate a serious commitment to meeting the objectives set forth in the this Code of Conduct. Business partners that fail to make this commitment will eventually have to terminate their business with Creadore. As appropriate, we stand ready to offer guidance and assistance to facilitate the process towards compliance.


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