new textile

Hotels and chains all over the world are facing major new challenges on account of the financial situation. They have to profile themselves even more incisively on the market and pamper their guests with comfort and wonderful experiences – and at the same time optimise costs when choosing suppliers, for instance.
Conceptual solutions – specially developed for hotels
Créadore is the new option for the critical choice of textiles, created as a joint venture between Beirholm and the Sapphire Group for the purpose of supplying conceptual textile solutions to global and international hotel chains.
It is founded on a deep professional insight, unmatched by anyone else in the industry: Beirholm has been developing textiles since 1870, and since the 1960s has been focusing its efforts on the leading leasing laundries. The result: a leading position in the field of leasing textiles.
The Sapphire Group has more than 40 years of textile production behind it, and bases its operations on state-of-the-art technology and top-quality products designed
specifically for the hotel industry.
Taking the long-term, profitable approach
Now all this expertise is concentrated in Créadore, resulting in well-thought-out, top textile design solutions which allow the creation of lots of variations and hence underpin the image and brand of hotels with just a few fabrics.
Textiles which are competitive bacause they have been specifically developed for
industrial laundering and processing. And with consistently high quality that makes it possible to take the long-term, financially sound approach based on Life Cycle Cost considerations.
Créadore is ready to talk about the future, a future which makes textile solutions for hotels especially attractive and profitable in terms of energy and resource consumption, CSR and our climate and environment.