Awareness of energy, climate
and lowest Life Cycle Cost
The textile choices of the future will be based on sustaina- bility. New concepts for hotels have to be developed on the basis of Life Cycle Cost, energy savings, Corporate Social Responsibility and consideration for our climate and environment. Deliberate, responsible choices which ensure that guests are comfortable – and also ensure sustainability for the hotel in respect of its suppliers.
Nowadays, up to 80% of costs over the lifetime of a textile go to laundering, processing and transportation. This is why it is crucial to ensure that hotel textiles are industrially designed and optimised to use the latest, most economical technologies applied at laundries.
In practice, hotels can be pleased that the cost of laundering high-quality textiles is far more competitive than for conventional textiles.
The sustainability of high-quality textiles is made evident by a large number of factors:

Light textiles

  • More items per wash, saving energy, chemicals and water.
  • Faster drying – this saves even more energy.
  • Pass through the roller more quickly. This improves efficiency and saves even more energy.
  • Take up less space, so you can keep more of them in the hotel’s storeroom and on the linen trolleys. Improves ergonomics and saves space, time and money.

Balanced textiles

  • Retain a consistent appearance for longer. Longer
    economic lifetime.
  • Fit nicely in the roller and can be rolled neatly.
  • Dimensionally stable with minimal shrinkage. Efficient in the laundry and in the hotel. Longer economic lifetime.
  • Can be machine-folded tidily. Saves time – easier for staff to handle.
  • Easier to fold and stack, increasing efficiency at the laundry and in the hotel’s linen room.
  • Stack uniformly – more on the linen trolleys.


Beautifully made, developed for industrial laundering and a longer economic lifetime

  • No more edges that unravel and fray.
  • No more wrinkled textiles.
  • No more mouldy corners or corners that become shiny with use.
  • No more bottom closures or buttonholes that give out.
  • In with tidy ends and beautiful details that guests notice – and that never fade despite numerous washes.
  • A quality boost for the hotel’s image and profile – and a way of streamlining work.


New, improved agreements with laundries
Well thought-out development of textiles to make them ideal for industrial processing gives hotels the opportunity to enter into new and improved supplier agreements with their laundries.
High-quality textiles pass through the laundering process with no problems whatsoever – and this enhanced efficiency is reflected in the bottom lines of both the hotel and the laundry.