it is all about feeling good

Staying at a hotel should be an experience which allows guests to feel that their presence is expected and welcome. This feeling is something which every little part of a hotel should radiate as soon as you walk in. The interior, textiles, colours and beautiful design should help to emphasise the profile of the hotel.

The hotel industry is in the midst of a challenging and exciting development. A number of hotel chains have been striving to offer something distinctive - to become attractions in themselves which form an important part of their guests’ experiences at their destinations.

More services, better services
And all of this set against a backdrop of unerring style. At the same time, the hotels have extended and tailored their services to suit specific customer segments: Sports and active holidays. Wellness. Conferences. Music lounges, cinemas, art galleries, lounge bars and award-winning restaurants with top chefs.

All of this development focuses on creating precisely the right atmosphere – and one of the most effective ways of setting a mood is the careful choice of textiles. And with the option of really pampering guests with comfort, making them feel great no matter what the situation.