bringing your guests into focus

The entire hotel industry focuses, very skilfully, on what can be done to attract guests and ensure that they come back time and time again.
As a result, the hotels have become more adept at creating
precisely the environment and atmosphere that guests love, making them feel welcome. The most successful hotels are
extremely consistent in their choice of furnishings, design and interiors so that they underpin their own brand and image at the same time.
Textiles create the atmosphere and underpin the experience
The patterns and colours, surfaces, textures, and shapes of textiles can create precisely the impression hotels wish to achieve. Exciting details from Nordic simplicity, via the Art Deco warmth and elegance of the south, to the rustic,
antique, romantic look.
The many pleasures of the table
A change of table linen supports the various meals of the day, and the colours, textures, surfaces, shapes and patterns of the tablecloths serve to emphasise the theme.
The very best restaurants work with both textiles and decorations to create moods which help to give guests the ultimate experience; whether they’re at a business lunch, a conference dinner, an intimate little meal for two or a full-scale gala event.
The most important item: the bed
The majority of surveys indicate that the bed – and a good night’s sleep – are the most important factors in guests’ overall perception of their hotel stay.
Here, the global trend is for duvets in place of sheets and blankets; and to create bedroom environments that take into account the fact that many guests use their beds for sitting on when reading or working on their laptops, for example.

At the same time, new forms of layout are being developed which are particularly inviting for guests. Here, experience shows that hotels can accentuate their image by choosing the right linen and various accessories such as bedspreads and pillows, which may be of different designs, colours and sizes and perform different functions. Again, the textures and look of the textiles – or the bed’s dress code – are of major significance to guests’ experiences.

Pampering: spa and wellness
Pampering, warmth and softness are the watchwords in the spa and wellness setting. With so many saunas, steam baths and fun pools to choose from, there may be a huge need for bathrobes, and especially towels. Luckily, there are product solutions which make this financially viable for hotels, with luxurious towels and colours that remain economical to wash and will not fade. So hotels can please their guests with a real sense of luxury and pampering.
Textile quality must never be compromised
The choice of textiles has to be economical – this is crucial. But if the textiles do not last – even after just a few uses and washes – hotels may face serious problems: their textiles may end up wrinkled, stained or frayed. They may shrink, fade or change texture.
The solution is to look at the overall Life Cycle Cost of textiles
– including their qualities and appearance after many washes
– and the ways staff work with them every day.
Experience from hotels that choose high-quality textile solutions shows that, as a result, they have enhanced their image with fresh, clean, well-ironed textiles – with surfaces, shapes, textures and colours that are absolutely ideal, as well as happy staff who appreciate these textiles as attractive, time-saving materials in their busy working day.
The financial benefits of high performance textiles are
particularly striking because they are developed for the most efficient industrial laundry technologies in the world, where the processes and pre-treatments may be tough but are generally profitable.